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Other Publications and Resources


EarthLight: Spiritual Wisdom for an Ecological Age

The "best of EarthLight magazine" anthology, includes a poem by Chris, plus works by Thomas Berry, Joseph Bruchac, Thich Nhat Hanh, Hafiz, Joanna Macy, Pattiann Rogers, John Seed, Gary Snyder, Malidoma Some, William Stafford, Starhawk, Brian Swimme, Terry Tempest Williams, and many others.

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The Soul Unearthed

An anthology about wildness and spiritual renewal through nature, with works by Wendell Berry, Robert Bly, Matthew Fox, Joan Halifax, Terry Tempest Williams, and many others, includes Chris' poem "Kenai Fjords."

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cover image So Many Voices

So Many Voices

Poetic Matrix Press's 20th anniversary authors’ anthology contains material from their 60 books and 45 authors (including new pieces from many). Contributors include Chris Hoffman, Kim Shuck, Francisco X. Alarcón, Shadab Zeest Hashmi, Anne Whitehouse, Patricia Nelson, Brandon Cesmat, Ashley Gene Pinkerton and many more. Poetry. Literary Nonfiction. Asian & Asian American Studies. African & African American Studies. Latino/Latina Studies. Middle Eastern Studies. Women's Studies.

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Psychology, Ecopsychology, & Our Future

Ecopsychology is both the skillful application of ecological insight to the practice of psychotherapy and the skillful application of psychological insight to the development of ecological sustainability. It is based on the understanding that a person or society cannot be sane or whole without a respectful, reciprocal relationship with the Earth and all its beings.

Our Future depends on making choices so that all beings can flourish within the carrying capacity of the earth, now and forever.  
Key choices:

The research that led to this definition of regenerative sustainability comes from my white paper originally published in 2012: Three Behaviors That Can Save Us: The Social Psychology of Planetary Survival.  (I have since split one of the three behaviors into its two parts, to yield the current four key behaviors.  The basic analysis still holds. The white paper has a lot of graphics, so it may take a minute to load.)


Organization Development

Organization Development (OD) is an organization-wide, planned effort, managed from the top, to increase organization effectiveness and health through planned interventions in the organization’s processes, using behavioral-science knowledge. - Richard Beckhard, Organization Development: Strategies and Models

Free Organization Development Resources