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Realization Point

“A rich volume of poetry about life's flourishing.”

– Roshi Joan Halifax


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Chris Hoffman's poems speak with a clear meditative voice that bridges the gap between our human lives and the healing spirit of nature.
Joseph Bruchac, author of more than 70 books of poetry and prose including the best selling Keepers of the Earth series.

I especially enjoy the tone of the poems in Chris Hoffman's book, Realization Point, the union of his voice with the details and individual lives of his surroundings.  Hoffman's language and his close observation of the day, the night, and the moment become one in this work, along with his gratitude for each aspect of the living world and his presence within it.
    – Pattiann Rogers, author of numerous poetry books, including Firekeeper, chosen by Publishers Weekly as one of the Best Books of 1994.

Chris Hoffman has distilled fierce and ineffable magic into these pages, with ancient wisdom and power in which we readers are blessed to share.
– Francesca Ciancimino Howell, PhD, author of Food, Festival and Religion: Materiality and place in Italy, Bloomsbury Academic Publishing.

Chris Hoffman's poems immerse us in the wonder of nature, leading us gently into communion with rock, animal, and spirit. He speaks of relationship with such awe and gratitude that our tears of yearning become loving affirmations of the sacredness of all things.
– Stephen Jones, author of The Last Prairie, a Sandhills Journal and Peterson Field Guide to the North American Prairie.

 A rich volume of poetry about life's flourishing.
– Roshi Joan Halifax, Buddhist teacher, Zen priest, anthropologist, and author of several volumes including Being with Dying, The Fruitful Darkness, and Shamanic Voices. She is Founder, Abbot, and Head Teacher of Upaya Zen Center, a Buddhist monastery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. reader review
5.0 out of 5 stars - highly recommended
Chris Hoffman's REALIZATION POINT confirmed for me the importance of inspiration in the creative process. Chris's inspiration is nature and geology. Hiking through desert and canyons he follows a path to his innermost perceptions of family, and his place in the cycle of life. We take the journey with Chris, transported to forested, barren, or rocky places as he leads us to his insightful reflections. Very meaningful and beautiful poetry.


Sample Poems

As with a mountain,
my losses
are part of my shape.



On this clear night
a small watch fire is flickering
and waving its tendrils of spicy smoke
beside the well in the inner courtyard.

Your host has served you
lamb with pilaf and sweet tea
and now you are alone in the late hours,
within these four sturdy walls,
watching the stars swing imperturbably
as they have for generations.

A meteor strikes like a match across the sky.
From somewhere, muted by the distance,
comes the music of a lute
and the rhythm of hands on a drum skin.

Looking back on the long journey
it seems the days were beaded on a string
that led inevitably here,
though at the time most were just an effort
to discover how to do one’s best,
and some just felt like failure.
But now the gems of days stand out.

And now the name of names
forms on your lips,
not to attain or ask for anything,
but simply in gratitude
and to participate in the flowing forth of life;
for nothing is ever completed,
only renewed.

Handies Peak

When the whole mountain
lies under your feet,
put there with leg muscle
and deep breathing,
you begin to see
what the mountain sees—
distances expanding
through the polished air,
the steep falling away
from this high reach
of rock and talus with its scabs
of orange and gray-green lichen,
the trickles of sky water from snowfields
and, far down, the brief summer flourish
of alpine meadows, and farther yet
and wide away rolling on and on
the velvet blanket of the forest
to a narrow yellow band of lowland
curving at the horizon.

Like a cone of seeds,
under one of those numberless trees
lies your bundle of daily cares,
whereabouts unknown.

You see daylight and drifting cloud shadows
play across the undulant land
like a blessing
for the largeness of life
and a tap on the shoulder
for the shortness of days.


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